Why Outsource?

  • Third Party Companies are Not Biased:
    Demonstrate your objectivity. Outsource screening services to an unbiased third party who has not met your candidate and therefore focuses only on the facts.
  • Increase Your Time for Core Functions:
    Every minute your employees save through outsourcing allows time for your department to increase focus on core business demands.
  • Other Reasons
    • Provide continuity in the screening process
    • Enjoy higher quality service due to the dedicated focus of the third party screening company
    • Utilize the experienced knowledge of industry best practices
    • Demonstrate evidence of your due diligence
    • Improve credibility and image by associating with vendors who have industry leading experience

Utilize Our Experience

We have over 38 years of screening experience servicing a multitude of industries including retail, insurance, pharmaceutical, automotive, logistics, publishing, finance, recruitment, healthcare and construction.

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